Payment Terms

The first communication tool that discusses payment options and conditions is the website or e-mail admission offer and online visibility at the address we provide.

Proforma invoice is the result that a customer confirms an order and wishes to complete it, following our terms and conditions agreed by us.

Payment is made when the customer receives a pro forma invoice and only after the purchase confirmation.

The terms of payment that we mention may be influenced by the policies of the courier, the state of which the customer belongs, the entity he represents or the customs authorities.

Payment is only 100% in advance for people outside of Romania and at least 50% for people in Romania.

Payment methods

Bank transfer

Bank transfer or banking order, is the most widely used method around the world. Although this method is basic, it compared to many other methods is the most stable and saves time, working directly with bank accounts only.

It has a transit time ranging from 1-2 business days to customers in Romania and 3-5 business days for customers outside of Romania.

For this method, we do not accept payment of the commission to us if it has not been added to the pro forma invoice. You must set the commission (OUR) to you to complete the transaction's integrity.

Payment with debit or credit card

This method of payment is one of the most simple and convenient payment methods. It offers the client the introduction of a minimum of payment processing data without any further complications of the internet banking system.

This method has a higher transit than the previous method (bank transfer) because the service provider who offers this method of payment makes the transfer after 5 working days, and in Romania is added 1 working day, totaling 6 days working.


The fastest payment method, using only an email address. Although the transit time is 5 seconds, withdrawal to the bank account takes between 3-5 business days, and the withdrawal amount is subject to a maximum of € 500 for a withdrawal.

Other methods of payment

We do not have other payment methods available at this time.

We can not accept payment via WesternUnion, MoneyGram, or similar from non-European users.

When we join a new payment method, we'll update the information in this section.

Mentions for customers in the European Union

In the case of individuals who are not registered for value-added tax, they will pay the 19% VAT, in addition to the value of the products and the transportation.

For businesses that are not registered for value added tax, they will also pay 19% value added tax, in addition to the value of products and transportation.

In the case of companies registered with value added tax, they will no longer pay the added value tax and the value of the products and the transport will remain unchanged.

Mentions for customers outside of the European Union

Customers and legal entities with no VAT registration will pay an extra 19% on the value of the products and the transport.

Customers and legal entities with registration number for value added tax will not pay anything to the value of products and transport.

In the case of customs payments, the customer is directly responsible for the import they make and it is his duty to pay the customs duties.

Other mentions

In the case of a payment, you have the right to reimburse 3 days from the date of the transaction initiation. You need to notify via a ticket or email this.

On refund, you will lose your bank charges or payment services or, worst-case, both if the initialization was through PayPal or Card Payment.

The time for refunding the remaining amounts is to be made within a minimum of 15 business days and no more than 90 business days to the account you specify.

The correctness of bank account data is your responsibility and any error will lead to further delays and costs applied by the bank.